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1000 hours curriculumin massage therapy

The 1000-hour training course

Over the years, clients, employers as well as several insurance companies will be interested in therapists who have completed a 1000-hour training curriculum. Therefore, we want to offer educational paths adapted to the needs of the market.

Several advantages to choosing a 1000-hour training :

  • Offer a variety of services by acquiring several techniques;
  • Strengthen your recognition with employers;
  • Enhance your professional expertise;
  • Increased practical and theoretical knowledge.

A range of enhanced vocational training programs

In addition to our 1000-hour massage therapy and shiatsu programs, we are pleased to announce that our service offering has been enhanced with several 1000-hour programs, allowing you to gain this recognition in Quebec:

  1. Massokinesitherapy
  2. Shiatsu
  3. Sports massage
  4. Californian massage
  5. Polarity
  6. Integrated fasciatherapy®
  7. Two techniques approach

An asset for your career as a massage therapist

The more you are trained, the more you can meet the growing and varied needs of your clientele or employer. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of our advisors.

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