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A new visual identity and a new website

The Kiné-Concept - Guijek Institute of massage therapy unveils its new visual identity and website adapted to today's reality and merging Kiné-Concept and Guijek, two renowned massage therapy schools in Quebec since 1988 and 1981 respectively.  

When the two institutes were purchased in 2017 by Mr. Alain Scalzo, director of Ellis College, a college of higher education, they had been cohabiting since 2008 but with different identities and approaches to massage therapy.

“We made the decision to merge Kiné-Concept and Guijek in order to unite common and complementary approaches and to continue to develop this beautiful synergy that had already been created with teachers and students for several years. We needed a new strong and coherent identity that would represent the characteristics of both entities while reflecting the evolution and values of the company as well as those sought after by our clientele,” says Martin Vallée, Director.

A creative approach and a new logo

A strategic and creative approach was implemented in collaboration with a communications agency in order to conduct an in-depth analysis and define a clear positioning and direction for the institute. The company wishes to show a pledge of quality and recognition as well as maintain the notoriety and values of each entity while increasing the status of prestance.

“The new, more modern visual identity will certainly help strengthen the sense of belonging for current and future students as well as staff members. It’s a rejuvenated and professional look that they can easily identify with,” adds Mr Vallée.

The new Kiné-Concept – Guijek logo contains the initials of the institute’s name as well as a circle representing unity, the perpetual cycle, elegance, timelessness, universality and life. It is also a reminder of the previous logo including the sun, a vital energy. In addition to this, an arrow can be seen, evoking movement, direction, and accomplishment. Finally, the use of the color black adds a touch of professionalism.

A new website redesigned according to the needs of the clientele

As for the new website, it will allow clients to quickly access a range of massage therapy training courses according to their objectives and interests, whether they are looking for an introduction to the profession, professional training or further training. It provides essential information to better understand the life of a massage therapist and job opportunities. Navigation has been simplified and the user experience improved on all platforms. This will facilitate the registration process and adapt to the needs of current and future students.