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AboutKiné-Concept - Guijek Massage Therapy Institute


The Guijek Institute and the Kiné-Concept Institute are joining forces.

The Guijek Institute, founded in 1981, and the Kiné-Concept massage therapy training school, founded in 1988, have worked for many years to train professionals who will meet the high expectations of customers in terms of well-being. Through their history and development, these two institutions have designed an ever-improving service offering in massage therapy, by favoring approaches and techniques sought after by beginners as well as by experienced massage therapists.

When Mr. Alain Scalzo, director of College Ellis, a College of Higher Education, purchased the two institutes, they had already coexisted since 2008 but with different identities and approaches to massage therapy: polarity and biomechanics.

In 2021, the decision was taken to unite these common and complementary approaches and to continue to further develop this beautiful synergy by creating Kiné-Concept – Guijek.


It is also an art characterized by the importance of personal skills such as welcoming, presence and empathy; therefore, Guijek gives priority to the therapeutic relationship and to interpersonal skills. This vision of teaching brings added value to Kiné-Concept – Guijek.

In the metropolitan area, the Kiné-Concept massage therapy school has positioned itself as an essential training center for aspiring massage therapists, professional practitioners, and employers. Its wide range of training courses attests to its desire to remain innovative in its field of activity. In addition, Kiné-Concept responds to an ever-increasing demand for high-quality massage therapists in all regions of Quebec. It must be recognized that an alliance has been formed between these two complementary training massage therapy institutions, whose expertise and skills are well established.

From the start, we have been delighted with the excellence of our training on a human scale. Our vision is based on fundamental values ​​such as commitment, excellence and service which greatly contribute to the reputation of our Kiné-Concept – Guijek massage therapy school. Indeed, we have been the benchmark in the world of massage therapy and well-being for more than 40 years.

These values ​​will always be placed at the heart of our priorities, both in terms of the development of training and the personal development of our students. All our staff convey this philosophy and are committed to a process of listening to the needs of students in order to provide them with a first-class environment. This relentless dedication is what makes us proud and reflects the strong sense of belonging of all students to our institution.

The strength of the Kiné-Concept Group

The Kiné-Concept – Guijek massage therapy institute is part of the Kiné-Concept Group comprising the Clinique Myo and l’Institut d’Enseignement en Science Naturopathique. The Kiné-Concept Group was acquired in 2017 by Mr. Alain Scalzo, director of the Ellis College, which means that innovative education is even more imbedded in our schools.

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