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Why choose the Kiné-Concept - Guijekinstitute of massage therapy

The best training school for massage therapists in Quebec for over 40 years.

Discover the mission, the guiding principles and why the Kiné-Concept - Guijek institute of massage therapy is the best massage therapy school to introduce yourself to massage, become a professional massage therapist or improve your skills.

Our mission

Kiné-Concept – Guijek’s mission is to train competent therapists able to integrate and succeed in the profession of massage therapy and wellness.

The institute of massage therapy fulfills its mission with rigor, and we actively collaborate for the well-being of people in complementarity with other healthcare providers.


Kiné-Concept – Guijek applies an approach adapted to today’s expectations and requirements and is committed to:

  1. Use superior educational methods emphasizing the integration of knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills as well as a healthy understanding of the body;
  2. Support a team of competent teachers and speakers, aiming for excellence and concerned with the educational and professional success as well as the personal growth of their students;
  3. Maintain a support team whose primary mission is to provide excellent customer service;
  4. Integrate the different notions of the helping relationship into the therapeutic process;
  5. Provide students with services enabling them to use teaching materials that stimulate learning as well as free access to practice facilities (when available);
  6. Promote the integration of graduates into the labor market.


  • Our senior and experienced teachers are passionate and listen to their students’ needs.
  • We maintain an adequate speaker or teacher ratio, which allows excellent supervision and more personalized service during the practical portion of training.
  • We offer the exclusive Kinetic Swedish Massage® technique developed at the Institute.
  • The internship structure offers a real context of supervised practice.


  • Easily accessible, the Montreal massage therapy school campus is two blocks from Beaubien subway station and Highway 40, and the Longueuil campus, a stone’s throw from Longueuil subway station.
  • Extended hours provide easy access to study, training, and practice facilities.
  • The Institute’s staff are courteous, available, and attentive to your needs.
  • The student lounge offers a warm welcome. It allows you to interact with your colleagues.


  • Our massage school team is constantly looking for new opportunities to develop the massage therapy market. Internships, partnerships, community involvement, everything is in place to help you break through.
  • Practice facilities are offered to you free of charge with reservations; provided they are available.
  • Our Employment Opportunities section offers a variety of employment opportunities for students and graduates.

We have been the benchmark for over 40 years. Become a massage therapist through our recognized training courses.