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Several resources and programs to help you

A limited budget should not stop you from achieving your goals and your desire to become a graduate massage therapist. Therefore, we display in this page various resources and several programs that can help you in the success of your project.

Monthly Payments

We immediately offer all our students the possibility of paying their tuition fees in monthly payments according to the duration of the chosen training program. The monthly payments offered are interest-free and without administration fees. A personalized payment arrangement is offered, with the possibility of payment by bank levies or credit card. Contact our advisors to make a request.

Ask Your Financial Institution

Ask your financial institution about the different financing options available to you. Our admissions advisors can help you and answer some of your questions.

The LLP (Lifelong Learning Plan)

This program is similar to the HBP (Home Buyers’ Plan); it allows you to use your RRSPs to pay the tuition fees for your training under certain conditions. Be sure to verify your eligibility, as conditions apply.

No reason not to take advantage of it! Pursue your plan to become a massage therapist