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Our teamPassionate professionals

At your service

Our members of management, administration and education are available to students and have their satisfaction and success at heart. Our team has many years of experience in massage therapy and makes sure to always follow new trends to offer the best training and incomparable support to its students.

A top-of-the-line team for quality education

The Kiné-Concept – Guijek institute teaching staff brings together professionals from various backgrounds and training, to enrich the range of knowledge and the teaching method offered to our students.



Chief Executive Officer

Executive assistant




A quality education

To teach massage therapy and massokinesitherapy, our teachers must be graduates in one or other of these disciplines. In addition, they must:

• Have completed 1000 to 2500 hours of training in the field they are teaching;
• Have assisted a senior teacher in a minimum of three groups.

Our team of teachers and speakers includes Canadian and European physicians, chiropractors, physiotherapists, massage therapists, physical educators, naturopaths, osteopaths, physical rehabilitation therapists, psychologists, and social workers.

Regular meetings between the various specialists of our team and the management of the Institute ensure a high quality of teaching and make it possible to continually adapt our training courses according to the evolution of the market.

A Committed Educational Committee

Our educational committee is made up of professionals with several years of experience; they assist students pedagogically and in the supervision of their school career. The committee adapts educational activities and learning materials prioritizing the diversity of educational approaches. It also assesses equivalency requests based on the program.

We have been setting the standard for over 40 years Become a massage therapist through our recognized training programs.