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1st level

Californian massage (technical training)

This ultimate therapeutic relaxation massage is the art of touching with presence and respect. It can relieve pain and tension in addition to promoting listening of the inner self. This comprehensive massage focuses as much on harmonious areas as on tense areas. Thus, by deepening the well-being of a healthy area, its radiation has a beneficial effect on the whole body. Using the body's weight, the massage therapist creates dynamic depth. Sometimes intense, sometimes soft, feeling body tissues and seeking exquisite depth, he leads the client to complete relaxation. People with musculoskeletal tension or suffering from chronic ailments, anxiety or insomnia appreciate this massage. It is an ideal complement to psychotherapy, palliative care, and oncology. Pregnant women and people under stress or looking for inner peace love it.


  • French
  • $ 2,262 + $ 40 for course notes (monthly payments possible without interest) *Note that the full 450-hour course is also available.
  • Equivalency of 195 hours

Course objectives

  • To perform a Californian massage according to best practices.
  • To master the 18 maneuvers.
  • To learn to use "Tan Tien" to energize, center and breathe.
  • To develop acceptance of oneself and accept what is.
  • To use fists, elbows, or forearms to avoid overuse of the hands and injury.
  • To know the indications and contraindications.

Training process

  • Californian massage techniques
  • Californian massage supervised internships

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Schedules and registrations Californian massage (technical training)