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2nd level

Californian therapeutic massage

This training in californian therapeutic massage is composed and enriched by several interrelated themes:
  • Energy resourcing and cross-circulation
  • Listening and tissue release
  • Respiratory amplitude
  • Creativity, feeling and 5 elements
  • Supervision, integration, and student clinic days


  • Rawdon
  • French
  • $ 2,436 + $ 30 for course notes (monthly payments possible without interest)
  • Equivalency of 210 hours


190 hours of oil massage techniques (Swedish, Californian, momentum). It is strongly recommended to have attended the Focusing-massage course.

Course objectives

  • To create a new sequence based on the crossed energy circulation.
  • To learn maneuvers applicable in the presence of certain musculoskeletal pathologies, respecting the indications and contraindications, and in accordance with professional ethics.
  • To discover new specific maneuvers to soften areas of deep tension.
  • To deepen anatomical vision and the ability to use intention in the application of maneuvers.
  • To discover the massage of the fascias which support the organs of digestion: colon, small intestine, duodenum, liver, pancreas and stomach.
  • To learn to work ergonomically using new maneuvers in the lateral position.
  • To learn new maneuvers to gain respiratory amplitude.
  • To learn to guide the client towards conscious breathing.
  • To integrate and apply the different knowledge learned concerning the five elements and their correspondences to create a personalized massage.
  • To develop your feeling and your intuition.
  • To learn to respect your boundaries.
  • To integrate different energy recharging exercises for the massage therapist.

Training process

  • Listening and tissue release
  • Energy resourcing and cross circulation
  • Respiratory amplitude
  • Creativity, feeling and 5 elements

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