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Energy approach


The Focusing Technique consists of six steps developed by Eugene T. Gendlin. It is a natural process which considers the person as a whole and which has the possibility of being expressed through each human being. The key to such expression is found in the supportive listening of the bodily meaning: a lump in the throat, a contracture in the back, heavy legs, a feeling of lightness ... The focusing approach therefore consists, with the help of appropriate questioning and listening, of inviting the person to dive into oneself, to listen to what is happening and to welcome what is found. This self awareness and acceptance make it possible to discover the messages emitted by the bodily meaning; thanks to the signals emitted by his body, the person therefore learns to access his inner self. Focusing-massage helps to build awareness and use the connection between body and mind. It promotes the centering of the being on his inner wisdom. The massage therapist uses focusing-massage to guide the client in making contact with their inner wisdom. The use of focusing-massage does not replace the advice of a psychologist or physician. The massage therapist questions the client and waits for answers, without analysis and without judgment. The effectiveness of this method is that it allows access, in an atmosphere of confidence and trust, to the memory and wisdom of the body.


  • Rawdon
  • French
  • $ 420 + $ 10 for course notes
  • Equivalency of 30 hours

Course objectives

  • To be able to recognize and understand the logical sequence of the six steps in focusing.
  • To be able to confidently practice the focusing technique on various massage therapy contexts.
  • To be able to use focusing as a tool for listening to oneself.
  • To take advantage of a time of spiritual renewal and internalization conducive to listening to body messages.

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