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Energy approach

Foot reflexology

Mainly on the feet, hands and head are found reflex points corresponding to all parts of the body. Massaging these points helps restore the vital energy balance of all glands and organs in the body. When this balance is restored, blood circulation improves, and then, all the different physiological functions work in harmony. Foot reflexology will therefore be a very useful complementary tool for future interveners.


  • Montreal
  • French
  • $ 840 + $ 10 for course notes + payment for the chart (to teacher)
  • Equivalency of 60 hours

Course objectives

  • To acquire theoretical and practical knowledge of plantar reflexology.
  • To know all the reflex points and foot areas.
  • To know the different health problems related to the ten systems of the human body.
  • To perform a 60-minute beautiful foot massage.
  • To be able to help oneself, as well as those around you and your clients on a therapeutic level.

Required material

Schedules and registrations Foot reflexology