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Introductory course

Learn about massage therapy

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Initiation to shiatsu

The basics of shiatsu are very easy to learn and help relieve pain, tension, and fatigue. This course will allow you to acquire enough knowledge to perform a one-hour shiatsu session with a wide variety of maneuvers. Shiatsu is practiced on a futon on the floor, but it can also be performed on a massage table. This Japanese approach to massage aims to balance the energy of the body by applying pressure on the path of energy lines called "meridians.” Shiatsu is an extraordinary approach that allows to consider each person as a whole. The therapist learns to develop a quality of presence and an intuition which guides and supports him in his practice.


  • French
  • $ 174 + $ 10 for course notes
  • Equivalency of 15 hours


There are no prerequisites.

Course objectives

  • To know the basics of shiatsu.
  • To know the basic postures of shiatsu.
  • To provide and receive a complete shiatsu of about an hour.

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Required material

Schedules and registrations Initiation to shiatsu