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Biomechanical approach

Integrated fasciatherapy® – Level 2

This course will allow participants to improve their proprioception and tactile skills. Techniques learned previously will be refined and others will be introduced to work the axial and appendicular regions of the human body. Several workshops will ensure the integration of techniques. Classical postural deviations and their structural effects on the body will be explored to help participants make connections between the symptoms presented and their causal factors. The scars and the pathophysiology of connective tissue will be discussed to clarify possible interventions in more complex problems involving the fascia.


  • English, french
  • $ 420 + $ 10 for course notes
  • Equivalency of 30 hours

Course objectives

  • To understand myofascial restrictions as well as the myofascial release method.
  • To improve the therapist's empathy towards his client.
  • To explain the myofascial release method.
  • To explain the emergence of postural deviations and the involvement of myofascial tissue.
  • To use basic techniques in different therapeutic contexts.
  • To use deep fascial structures relaxation techniques.

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Schedules and registrations Integrated fasciatherapy® – Level 2