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Biomechanical approach

Integrated fasciatherapy® – level 4

This course is designed to provide students with the opportunity to exchange and enrich their knowledge of fascia therapy. Through case studies on the application of the techniques and integrated approach developed and implemented in the previous levels, the laboratory time offers an opportunity for the student to practice and develop their therapeutic abilities in a learning environment free of performance pressure. This course is therefore a valuable opportunity for the massage therapist to recharge among peers in a calm and non-judgmental environment. Theoretical vignettes presented will address recent research and discoveries on connective tissue and explore the work of other therapists.


  • French
  • $ 420 + $ 20 for course notes
  • Equivalency of 30 hours

Course objectives

  • Discuss a variety of case studies and clinical situations involving Integrated fasciatherapy® work.
  • Deepen the understanding of the work outlined in the first 3 levels of Integrated fasciatherapy®.
  • Learn and update knowledge on the histological and functional characteristics of connective tissue.
  • Learn new techniques of integrated fasciatherapy®.

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Schedules and registrations Integrated fasciatherapy® – level 4