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Biomechanical approach

Integrated lymphatic drainage®

This course introduces the participant to the lymphatic system of the human body. After being introduced to a story that begins with the discovery of this system, the participant will learn the various stages in the evolution and the knowledge acquired in relation to this system, from its discovery until now. Then, the participant will be guided towards learning a modern working methodology designed for the work and the fields of intervention of a massage therapist in today's realities. The first step will be to establish an anatomy and physiology knowledge base. This is required for a good understanding of the lymphatic system and its multiple functions in the human body. This understanding will then lead more easily to mastering the various techniques and how to use them. Also, what has been learned will also allow the student to integrate this approach into their current treatment protocols. In addition, the study of certain pathologies will be necessary to ensure safe and appropriate work for the specific situation of each client. Because this course is intended to be an essentially practical orientation, the therapist will be perfectly equipped to integrate this work into his professional practice and will therefore be able to introduce this tool to his clientele, while enhancing its service offer.


  • French
  • $ 1,260 + $ 20 for course notes
  • Equivalency of 90 hours

Course objectives

  • To acquire the ability to interact effectively with connective, scar-like and myofascial lymphatic structures of the body.
  • To acquire the ability to apply effective care focusing on the lymphatic system and using an integrated approach to promote drainage of the latter through manual work
  • To effectively communicate knowledge and understanding of the physiological impacts of applying this kind of work.
  • To develop the ability and language to explain the indications and benefits of this work.
  • To study various pathologies affecting the lymphatic system to provide diagnosable medical support and ensure that the participant understands the contraindications for this work.
  • To experience personal care in the classroom to feel and, therefore, refine the understanding of the physiological impact in the short and medium term of the application of therapeutic suction cups.
  • To apply the techniques and knowledge acquired in the practice of his profession.

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