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Professional practice

Massage therapy helping relationship – level 1

From a theoretical and experimental learning perspective, this course aims to understand and apply the fundamentals of a professional relationship in the practice of massage. At the end of the course, the student will be able to communicate in a supportive manner through a massage context. As future massage practitioners, students will get in touch with the basics of human development and its influence on relationships. They will also study several aspects related to the relational process such as boundaries, communication skills, personal values, individual needs, and emotions. Activities to manage stress related to work will also be proposed and carried out.


  • French
  • $ 522 + $ 20 for course notes
  • Equivalency of 45 hours


There are no prerequisites.

Course objectives

  • To acquire a basic understanding of the human person and a greater knowledge of oneself in the context of massage.
  • To develop the art of helping communication in a massage context.
  • To familiarize yourself with the notions of personal and professional boundaries in a situation where touch is present.
  • To raise awareness on the importance of taking care of yourself as a practitioner.

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Schedules and registrations Massage therapy helping relationship – level 1