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Massage therapy helping relationship – level 3

This course is an opportunity for the massage therapist to continue to reflect on the conduct of his helping work in a massage therapy context and to assess the progress of his field of action and the understanding of its boundaries. The student will be introduced to the influence of touch and neuropsychology, as well as the links between proprioception and emotions. In addition, he will learn how to adapt his work in the case of specific diagnoses in place (anxiety, depression, suicidal state, etc.) and to recognize the attitudes to adopt in these circumstances. Finally, considering that the massage therapist will have to work more and more in an interdisciplinary framework, he will have to evaluate the basic helping relationship to adopt within the framework of massage therapy, to use a language common to all health professionals and finally to know when to refer his client to a healthcare professional. Different readings, case studies, real-life situations and discussions will enhance the course to broaden the emotional and technical skills of the massage therapist.


  • Montreal
  • French
  • $ 522 + $ 20 for course notes
  • Equivalency of 45 hours

Course objectives

  • To become aware of your own vision of health and its influence on helping relationship work.
  • To know the links that exist between neurobiology, emotions, and touch.
  • To promote body awareness and identify the relationship between the massage therapist and his body.
  • To learn about the American model of mental health diagnosis.
  • To support the client in understanding his problem and know how to direct him to a professional if necessary.
  • To develop the adaptability of the massage therapist in his ability to intervene with the client.
  • To continue to reflect on the conduct of his helping work in a massage therapy context and assess the progress of one's field of action and understanding of its boundaries.

Required material

Schedules and registrations Massage therapy helping relationship – level 3