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2nd level


In direct continuity with the 400 hours basic course, this training aims to develop the student’s in-depth understanding of the osteo-articular system and his ability to identify and alleviate various biomechanical problems present in the client. The content of this training is structured around six guiding principles and focused on the somatic approach and framework to allow students to use different gentle manual techniques to increase their potential for manual perception and interpretation of body / pain relationships.


  • Montreal
  • English, french
  • $ 7,308 + $ 170 for course notes (monthly payments possible without interest)
  • Equivalency of 630 hours

Course objectives

  • To acquire the precise knowledge of anatomy which is necessary for the understanding and analysis of the musculoskeletal system.
  • To deepen understanding of the movements of the different body segments allowing the precise analysis of joint disorders.
  • To acquire the knowledge necessary for the assessment of muscle strength by following the international rating.
  • To know the various pathologies of the musculoskeletal system as well as the elements necessary to perform massokinesitherapy treatments.
  • To observe all body segments from a massokinesitherapy perspective.
  • To propose and perform an appropriate work plan to prevent loss of function.
  • To educate the student's hand in exploration and mobilization while respecting the guiding principles of massokinesitherapy and the restrictions dictated by human physiology.
  • To acquire the precise movements of mobilization of all the joints of the upper limb while respecting the grips, the counter-grips and range of motion.
  • To acquire palpation and care techniques adapted to the pathologies studied.
  • To support the client in a process of bodily well-being, as part of massage therapy.
  • To educate the student in his future role as an educator for clients by presenting his conclusions and justifications.
  • To evaluate the role of the basic helping relationship and ethical issues in the professional engagement of the massokinesitherapist.
  • To continue to reflect on the conduct of his work as a massokinesitherapist and assess the progress of his field of practice and the understanding of its boundaries.
  • To learn to work in collaboration and in complementarity with health professionals and therapeutic care.

Training process

  • Massokinesitherapy - session 1
  • Massokinesitherapy - session 2
  • Massokinesitherapy - session 3
  • Massokinesitherapy - session 4
  • Massokinesitherapy supervised internships
  • Helping Relationship in massage therapy - level 2
  • Customer development / Professional success
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation - CPR (in addition)

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