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2nd level


Cancer is very widespread. Because of earlier detection but also because life expectancy is increasing, the risks of pathologies are greater. Whether it is a pediatric cancer or an adult cancer, a massage therapist has much to gain by adding this approach to their therapeutic toolbox. Better understanding this family of pathologies helps to adapt the various massage techniques that we already know. Oncomassotherapy is also an opportunity to go back to the essence of touch and to see how much we can work in the infinitely small for the possibility of obtaining great results. To have an impact not only on the person affected but also on those around him or her is the mission of oncomassotherapy.


  • French
  • $ 3480 + $ 60 for course notes (monthly payments possible without interest)
  • Equivalency of 300 hours

Course objectives

  • Demystify what cancer is.
  • Discover the potential process that a client is going through of a client to better support them along the way.
  • Understand the psychology of cancer.
  • Discover, establish and respect personal and professional limits.
  • Know how to adapt your massage to this medical context.

Training process

  • Physiologie et pathologie du cancer
  • Relation d'aide
  • Application en massage
  • Stages à l'école
  • Stages en milieu de travail

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