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  • Montreal
  • French
  • $ 4,698 + $ 190 for course notes (monthly payments possible without interest) *Please note that the 195 h technical training is also offered.
  • Equivalency of 405 hours


There are no prerequisites.

Course objectives

  • Develop the essential qualities to practice polarity, such as centering, rooting, neutrality, as well as listening to oneself and to others.
  • Develop the feeling of the hands (pulsation, heat, vibration, shiver, expansion...).
  • Understand the theory of the five elements and their correspondences.
  • Understand the relationship between emotions, thoughts, and energy blockages.
  • Know the different polarity sequences: their indications, their contraindications and their effects.
  • Know several centering and energy recharging exercises.

Training process

  • Polarity techniques
  • Supervised internships in polarity
  • Anatomy-Physiology-Pathology 1
  • Anatomy-Physiology-Pathology 2
  • Massage Therapy Helping Relationship – Level 1
  • Professional Massage Therapy Supervision
  • Sexuality and Professional Practice
  • Somatic education and massage therapy

Our teachers


Required material

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