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Energy approach

Reiki – level 1

Reiki is an energetic healing technique transmitted by the laying on of hands, with the aim of awakening the dynamic process of improving the quality of life. It involves an active process of personal development. By actively participating in Reiki workshops, future initiates are offered an opportunity to increase their well-being and develop their own potential. The course covers the theory, history, benefits, 10 virtues, 5 pillars and 5 principles of Reiki as well as the concept of chakras and energy flow. The student will learn the different techniques of laying on of hands and how to prepare a reiki session.


  • French
  • $ 210 + $ 10 for nourse notes
  • Equivalency of 15 hours


There are no prerequisites.

Course objectives

  • To give a Reiki treatment to oneself and to others.
  • To make the receiver and giver comfortable.
  • To become familiar with the laying on of hands maneuvers in order to adapt to the different parts of the body whether one is working on a table or a chair.
  • To know the techniques of rooting and energy cord cutting.
  • Discover the benefits of Reiki for yourself and others.
  • Develop a complete routine for a Reiki session.

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Schedules and registrations Reiki – level 1