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Professional practice

Sexuality and professional practice

To touch the body is to touch a sexual being and a sexual person. This affirmation requires a look and a reflection on the attitudes and behaviors to be observed in a context where touch, intimacy and nudity are present. This is what will be covered during this training. The student will be encouraged to develop his knowledge of human sexuality and to recognize the sexological implications of his intervention regarding his professional practice. He will also develop his awareness of the possible interactions between his perception of sexuality, his sexual experience, and his professional practice. Finally, he will be able to identify his boundaries in situations of sexual nature that could arise in his practice and to intervene effectively in the context of his massage practice.


  • Longueuil
  • French
  • $ 522 + $ 20 for course notes
  • Equivalency of 45 hours


Effective communication training and human relationships

Course objectives

  • To acquire a basic knowledge of human sexuality and its relation to professional ethics.
  • To become aware of the importance of the psychosexual dimension of the person in a practitioner /client relationship.
  • To be able to intervene professionally in the practice of massage therapy.

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