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Shiatsu and anxiety

This Shiatsu and Anxiety course is intended for graduates of Therapeutic Shiatsu, both those who have just completed their training and those who did so several years ago. This continuing education course allows the student to deepen the tools of self-contact and resonance developed during the therapeutic shiatsu training. The first day sets up the theme by reviewing and learning maneuvers that are related to the theme of the training. During the second day, the student becomes more immersed in the theme by learning how to conduct a session with a person experiencing anxiety. The main focus of this ongoing training is to allow the student to develop self-contact, feeling and perception. The student learns new maneuvers related to the theme. These maneuvers can be integrated very easily into their general practice. The student becomes more familiar with encounters with people experiencing anxiety. But More importantly, this shiatsu training helps the student to get in touch with their own anxiety, giving them different tools to better welcome it.


  • Montreal
  • French
  • 210
  • Equivalency of 15 hours


To be certified in therapeutic shiatsu; to know and practice the Who Am I?

Course objectives

  • Review the attitude of non-action in helping relationships.
  • Know the tsubos associated with anxiety.
  • Know which meridians to work on in the context of anxiety (among others, the fire-water axis).
  • Review the choreography of the thorax (seen in the first year).
  • Learn a maneuver for the lower limbs (seiki).
  • Learn the maneuver for balancing triple-focus.
  • Know how to follow up with a person who is experiencing anxiety.
  • Become familiar with anxiety.
  • Strengthen your contact with yourself.

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