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Shiatsu: Decisions and Alignment

This Shiatsu - Decisions and Alignment course is intended for graduates of Kiné-Concept - Guijek's Shiatsu 2 program, both for those who have just completed their training and for those who have completed it several years ago. This continuous training allows the student to deepen the tools of self-contact and resonance developed during the therapeutic shiatsu training. The first day sets up the theme by learning (or reviewing) self-exploration exercises and maneuvers that are related to the theme of the training. During the second day, the student becomes more immersed in the theme by learning how to conduct a session with a person who is in a decision-making process. The main purpose of this ongoing training is to allow the student to develop self-contact, feeling and perception. The student learns new maneuvers and exercises of self-exploration related to the theme. These maneuvers and exercises are very well integrated into his practice. The student becomes familiar with a specific meeting for people who wish to be accompanied in their decision making. More importantly, this continuing education program encourages the student to get in touch with his own decision-making process by giving him different tools to better welcome himself.


  • French
  • 210
  • Equivalency of 15 hours


To have completed therapeutic Shiatsu

Know and practice the Who Am I Meditation taught in Shiatsu 2 at Kiné-Concept – Guijek

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Required material

Schedules and registrations Shiatsu: Decisions and Alignment