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Energy approach

Shiatsu table massage

Shiatsu table massage is a modern adaptation of ancient Japanese techniques. This approach is a fusion of the shiatsu futon technique and personal work experiences with a diversified clientele. Shiatsu table massage integrates shiatsu and its benefits in a variety of settings such as spas, sports centers and acupuncture clinics. It is the ideal tool to introduce the benefits of shiatsu without the constraint of space, or when there is no access to a futon. It allows the incorporation of certain mobilizations and stretches, as well as work on the tzubos, into a table massage session (techniques with or without oil). This training provides the technical knowledge in a therapeutic massage as well as in an overall deep relaxation session.


  • Montreal
  • French
  • $210 +$10 for notes
  • Equivalency of 15 hours

Course objectives

  • To adapt shiatsu techniques to a tabletop format.
  • To bring the therapist to develop techniques for positioning the body in the execution of a massage.
  • To learn how to integrate tabletop mobilizations and stretches designed for futon shiatsu.
  • To learn how to use known shiatsu techniques in a table massage, with or without oil.

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