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1st level

Shiatsu (full training)

The purpose of shiatsu is to promote the proper circulation of vital energy in the body, mainly in the meridian network. This network monitor various physiological and psychological functions. An energy imbalance thus causes various discomforts to the body and the mind. To this extent, shiatsu goes beyond simple massage and is intended as a form of prevention and relief from various ailments. It is performed through pressure, mobilization and stretching on the recipient's body. Shiatsu is practiced on a futon on the floor and the receiver remains clothed. Originally from Japan, shiatsu is also inspired by traditional Chinese medicine. The training provides notions on the theory of the five elements and teaches how to use them in shiatsu. Beyond the maneuvers and knowledge acquired, the training also allows the student to develop his quality of presence and his intuition, thanks to the various exercises and meditations offered.


  • French
  • $ 5,046 + $ 190 for course notes (monthly payments possible without interest) *Note that 195 hours of technical training is also offered.
  • Equivalency of 435 hours


There are no prerequisites.

Course objectives

  • At the end of this shiatsu course, the student will be able to perform a full massage that will take into account the specific needs of the client. The student will have developed:
  • The general philosophy of shiatsu.
  • An intuition anchored in his body through various exercises that he will have experienced.
  • Respect for oneself and the recipient.
  • A quality of presence to oneself and to the other.
  • Know-how in the various maneuvers and shiatsu choreography.
  • The ability to work on voids and excess energy on the client's meridians.
  • The ability to develop multiple sessions in the context of a follow-up with the client.
  • Knowledge acquired in Chinese medicine and on the 12 major meridians.

Training process

  • Shiatsu techniques
  • Shiatsu supervised internships
  • Anatomy-physiology-pathology 1
  • Anatomy-physiology-pathology 2
  • Oriental physiology-pathology
  • Helping Relationship in massage therapy - level 1
  • Professional supervision
  • Sexuality and professional practice
  • Somatic education and massage therapy

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Schedules and registrations Shiatsu (full training)