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2nd level

Sports massage – level 1

This professional program, Sports massage, aims to prepare the massage therapist to face all the situations that may arise in the sports environment. The course will provide the therapist with the necessary tools to meet the needs of athletes during each phase of competition. The training will allow the student to develop an ability to act effectively and quickly in a specific sporting situation with an appropriate work strategy.


  • French
  • $ 3,306 + $ 30 for course notes (monthly payments possible without interest)
  • Equivalency of 285 hours


Kinetic Swedish Massage® and/or Swedish massage and/or Californian massage and/or oil massage (level 1, 400 h)


Course objectives

  • To use specific specialized techniques to help an athlete recover and prepare to get back in action.
  • To empower athletes to achieve their full potential.
  • To be aware of the most frequent injuries and pathologies in sport.
  • To become familiar with the working protocols in force in the field of sport to be able to intervene, in collaboration with various professionals and staff members.
  • To learn to use specific muscle tests to develop the ability to quickly assess a situation in the context of sports massage and choose the appropriate intervention.
  • To understand the principles of neuro-proprioceptive (NPT) and dynamic (DT) “taping” and their applications.

Training process

  • Sports massage theory
  • Sports massage techniques
  • Sports massage internships (on competition site)

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Required material

Schedules and registrations Sports massage – level 1