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2nd level

Sports massage – level 2

In this Sports massage course, modern and varied approaches to provide the sports massage therapist with the knowledge and techniques currently used in the field will be addressed. Students will also have the opportunity to chat with other sports massage therapists and share their successes and mistakes in their professional practice. The case studies presented in the course will serve as perfect examples for situations encountered in competition or in the clinic. The theoretical and practical parts of the course provide continuity in the apprenticeship of sports injuries and their clinical intervention. Neurological topics and modalities used by the sports massage therapists will be taught and practiced. The concept of muscle activation will be discussed and practiced targeting pain reduction and ROM improvement. Because the use of suction cups is more and more common in sports, the course will explore its use in all facets of the game. Topics covered in the course:
  • Neuropathy in sports
  • Neural tension test
  • Active neural slip
  • Modality in sport
  • Suction cups in sport
  • Muscle activation in sport
  • Analysis of fascia lines and their implications in sport
  • Neuroproprioceptive taping (NPT) and dynamic taping (DT)
  • Intervention with the client and advice to be provided
  • More detailed examination of these areas: feet, trunk (abdomen), hands and head / neck.


  • French
  • $ 1,566 + course notes (monthly payments possible without interest)
  • Equivalency of 135 hours


Sports massage – level 1  practitioner  + Periarticular work + Therapeutic Suction Cups: Fundamentals and Connective Tissues

** Therapeutic Suction Cups is offered as part of the program schedule. Please contact a counselor if you have already taken this training.

Course objectives

  • To better understand the nervous system and be able to interact effectively with the athlete.
  • To use the notion of fascia lines and muscle activation to improve strength production and relax the muscle planes most used in the athlete.
  • To explore and put into practice the different modalities available to the sports massage therapists.
  • To improve his intervention with the athlete to help him reach his full potential.

Training process

  • Advanced sports massage theory
  • Advanced sports massage techniques
  • Therapeutic Suction Cups (in addition)

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Schedules and registrations Sports massage – level 2