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2nd level

Therapeutic Shiatsu

Therapeutic shiatsu training is as much a consolidation of what has been learned in Shiatsu 1 as the exploration and discovery of many other facets of shiatsu. The student will learn how to develop adaptability by working with the receiver in different positions and using different parts of his own body. In addition, the training will teach the Masunaga meridians as well as a variety of new maneuvers. The student will develop a renewed and rooted approach in advance shiatsu. The approach to therapeutic shiatsu is based on Masunaga's philosophy. Therefore, self-experimentation is important. Thus, advanced shiatsu training is based on empowering the individual - both therapist and client - in their process of autonomy. Among other things, this involves, the experimentation of many tools and exercises which aim to strengthen the role of the therapist and to refine his inner perception (resonance, intuition, feeling). The training allows the development of new ways of working and leads the student to have greater confidence in himself and in his interventions.


  • French
  • $ 2,784 + $ 30 for course notes (monthly payments possible without interest)
  • Equivalency of 240 hours


Shiatsu 1 training

Course objectives

  • At the end of this course, the student will be able to support the client in his process of autonomy related to any kind of discomfort (physical, emotional, affective, mental [attitude], professional, etc.).
  • The student will have developed tools to obtain a refined resonance and to be a skilled therapist. He will have acquired various practical and theoretical knowledge to be able to adapt the shiatsu session to the uniqueness of the client.

Training process

  • Introductory workshop
  • Workshop on accessibility and adaptability
  • Review and consolidation workshop
  • Masunaga meridians workshop
  • Micro-macro and intuitive shiatsu workshop
  • Technical improvement workshop
  • Supervised integration internships

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